Rain Storm – teaser 1

Here’s a little teaser from my book Rain Storm. It’s the story of Neal, a young business owner who’s seduced by Kay, an older woman with an odd fetish. Now if you’re shy, this book isn’t for you. It’s adult themed and requires an open mind. Enjoy. 


          “Yeah, but you don’t want to go through life not ever having a child, do you? I mean, before it’s too…”

          “Neal, I have no regrets. What’s meant to be is meant to be. I’m over that. I only focus on the good things.” Kay gazed into the distance with unseeing eyes. “He was so great. I could share anything with him. He let me be me. When a man loves and trusts his woman to let her be who she is…when he can compromise and be open to different things…things he may not at first be comfortable with, but because he cares about his woman so much he lets her express herself, that is a special man.” Neal noticed a slight welling in Kay’s eyes. She looked to him.

          “Do you understand what I’m saying, Neal?”

          “I understand.”

          “No you don’t.” She smiled playfully. “How do you look tonight? Do you have any plans?”


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Creole Gaudet

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