I have 12 more scenes to flesh out in the book and I plan on getting them all done within the next few days. I’m going to grind it out as if it’s a term paper. It has to get done and done now; right now!!

After that, it’s to get it all to fall into place, sparely and evenly. Meaning that each act and plot point will fall on the correct pages. I don’t want it to drift. I want everything in the pocket and precise.

Then there is the polishing. This is where I believe I need to make it “artsy”. Not too poetic but enjoyable. It’s important to me that the reader feels that they are there in the scene. I want them to see it, feel it, taste and smell it.

Then finally there is the editing process. I know that it’s important to hire a professional to do your editing. However, from my own mistakes in the past, I have found ways to accomplish that. I balance between wanting proper spelling and grammar, but at the same time I don’t want to lose my voice. I have found that by slowly reading each word I can spot misspells and catch grammar mistakes. After thoroughly combing through everything until I can’t find anymore, I then put it through a program like Pro Writing Aid to see what I may have missed. Then I publish.

Now it’s time to encourage my friends/beta readers to go to Amazon to download and read my book. They will let you know their opinion and can point your mistakes. From there you can simply make the necessary corrections, not even removing it from sale.

With all that said, look for the new book very soon.

Back to work.

Creole Gaudet

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