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I hate to say it but the film industry in New Orleans and Louisiana is over. Not to get too political here but thanks to the last Governor (Bobby Jindal), many people are out of a job. Studios and casting companies are closing, actors and crew are relocating and there does not seem to be any changes coming soon. The new Governor is working to bring productions back to the State but it will be a few years before anything is sustainable.

My plan was already in the works to go to Dallas and make my film, Girl 214 and I think now is the time to jump into the deep end of the pool and swim with all I have in me.

I made a trip to Dallas a few months ago during Phase One of the project. I visited a couple studios and made a few connections here and there. I have a footing but now it is time to move forward. This is it.

On to Phase Two!

Creole Gaudet

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