I have been very busy these past few months. I have been working on the book. I played Clyde on an upcoming film called Heart Baby, directed by Angela Shelton and I just returned from Dallas on a pre-production scouting trip for my film project, Girl 214.

In between all this, I have been catching the repeats of Underground on WGN where I play the escaped slave Charles.

800 (2)
Creole Gaudet, David Kallaway, Tommie Turvey

However, I really need to buckle down and work a bit harder. I want so bad to complete this book. It’s right there in front of me but everything seems to get in my way. I guess that is a good thing but my anxiety if over the moon. I just have to focus and get it done.

If you’re interested in my film project, check out the dedicated website and twitter page.

Underground will be back on in fifteen minutes. I gotta go ya’ll!

Creole Gaudet.

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